• About Us

  • Aaron - Northwest

    I am a true born and raised Las Vegas native and have been a lover of animals my whole life.  My first job was working for an animal hospital as a kennel assistant, this is where I realized animals were my calling.  I have always rescued stray animals as my heart has always been open for any animals that are in need of a loving home.  Due to my need to love and protect animals, my cat Archie is able to call me his family as well as my chorkie, Sweet Pea, and chihuahau named Gator.

    I have worked in the grooming industry for the last 8 years with 5 of those as a top groomer.  I truly understand the needs of older dogs and how to properly groom and care for them, as well as the sensitivity needed for young puppies and hyper schnauzers.

    Aaron specializes in breed specific clips and is top notch at ensuring your dog is pampered here at Top Dog Grooming.

  • Heidi - Northwest

    I was born and raised in Las Vegas.  From as back as far as I can remember, my love for animals has grown more and more.  I own 2 horses, a goat, a cat and a dog. I love all and care for your fur babies as if they were my own. When you stop in, you'll probably see my pup next to my station, he loves other dogs and lets them all come say hi to him.

    I have been grooming dogs and cats for about 4 years now since 2015.  Before grooming I was a veterinary assistant technician for a few animal hospitals in the Las Vegas area. I take great pride and passion in my career.

    Heidi is great with all breed cuts along with grooming cats as well. We are very happy to have her as part of the Top Dog Grooming family.

  • Natalie - Henderson

    I was born in Moscow Russia, and studied in Japan where I learned from a private groomer and been grooming since. I had been grooming in Japan for over 6 years before I married my military husband in 1997 here in Las Vegas. We went back to Japan for another 8 years before moving to Turkey for 2 years. We then moved to Alaska where I had my own Grooming Salon for 5 years. We then moved to Germany for 3 years before finally coming back to Las Vegas.

    In 2016 I started with Adventure Pet Resort when they first opened their doors. After a couple years, Adventure Pet Resort expanded adding Top Dog Grooming in the Northwest. When they added another location, I went there to help start it.

    Natalie has always been a great asset to the Top Dog Grooming family. When we found out there was a need for a shop in Henderson near Lake Las Vegas, we found a spot and began construction.  We've now been open since March of 2018 and are always busy. Natalie has been grooming for over 25+ years.

  • Sarah - Southwest

    I am Sarah, as a Las Vegas native I've had the pleasure to work with many dogs for over 20 years.  I take pride in my work and the comfort of your pet.  I have a gentle hand and a lot of patience which has allowed me to work with many fearful dogs and cats.  I hope to assure and create an environment where their experience with me is one that they won't be afraid to come back.

    The best part of this job is seeing your happy tail wagging dog returning to you and the smile and joy it brings to you and your family.  I look forward to making your pet feel and look their best.

    Sarah has become a great asset to the family here, her patience with dogs that are fearful is outstanding. After a few times the dogs fear starts to disappear making each grooming experience better for your little one.

  • Kara - Southwest

    I'm Kara. I was born in Calcutta, India and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. My love for animals started at a very young age. I started volunteering with No More Homeless Pets and Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary at 18. I went out of state for college and quickly realized that my love for animals would leave me penniless as a veterinarian. So I came back to Salt Lake City and started working with a veterinarian. I quickly made friends with the groomer and started learning in my spare time. A couple of years later I started my own pet service company, where grooming was one of the services I provided. Six years ago, my family and I relocated to Las Vegas. For the past five years I have volunteered my services with many different animal rescues. I have also been a political advocate for animal rights for the past fifteen years. I am the mother of one human child, four large dogs (three Labs and a Malinois), assorted kitties, a couple guinea pigs, and a nice parakeet couple.

    We are very excited to have Kara join our family here, and look forward to the many years to come!  She brings a lot of past experience and knowledge to add to our ever growing family.